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Clinical Psychologist

Brigid has a unique commitment to psychological health in the perinatal period. Brigid brings to the practice a varied and dedicated career with experience that has made her fully invested in working with women, their partners and children in the perinatal period.

Brigid has worked in private practice for the past four years. Prior to private practice Brigid spent 14 years working in Mental Health, Justice Health and Alcohol and Drug Services, in Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team, Adult Mental Health, Department of Psychological Medicine, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service and the Perinatal Mental Health Consultation Service.

Brigid has also worked for both Australian Federal Police and New South Wales Police Academy as a counsellor for Police.

With experience in working with a range of issues including disorders of mood (depression, bipolar disorder), anxiety, adjustment, trauma, psychosis, grief and loss and personality disorders, Brigid is well established in managing these issues in the perinatal period.

Brigid adopts various treatment therapies including Schema Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Prolonged Exposure Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy along with training in the Circles of Security Parenting program.

As a mother of three Brigid understands that mental health issues in the perinatal period can have lasting effects on the psychological health of the entire family.





Kate is a psychologist with a special interest in working with mothers and their families in the perinatal period. She has a decade of experience working in various settings, having worked for many years in Mental Health, Justice Health, Alcohol & Drug Services. She has worked for the Perinatal Mental Health Consultation Service, the Adult Mental Health Day Service as well as within the Maternity Unit at Calvary Public Hospital. She brings to the practice experience working in both public and private inpatient psychiatric settings and has previously worked in private practice.

Kate has a particular interest in working with women and families experiencing perinatal mood disturbance (depression, bipolar disorder), birth trauma, anxiety, issues with parent- infant bonding and attachment, adjustment to parenting and perinatal grief and loss.

Kate is experienced in a range of therapeutic modalities including Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapies. She is also trained in the Circles of Security Parenting program and the Watch, Wait and Wonder intervention.

As a mother, Kate brings an awareness of the impact of perinatal distress and its effects, not just on the mother- infant relationship, but on the wellbeing of the entire family.



Dannielle believes it is a privledge to work with women and their families during their transition to parenthood and is excited to join the team at Brighter Beginnings 1 day per week. She comes to private practice after working int he public mental health, for the Perinatal Mental Health Consultation Service since 2004.

Prior to completing her Master's degree in Clinical Psychology in 2015, Dannielle has worked as an occupational rehabilitation consultant, helping individuals with a mental health issue sustain work or return to work after a period of absence. During her undergraduate studies, she worked with children and their families with disabilities including applied behavioural analysis to assist children with Autism.

Dannielle takes a client centred approach in her work and aims to help people get in touch with their own inner wisdom in order to learn the lessons that their current distress holds for them. She uses an eclectic approach including but not limited to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Interpersonal Psychotherapy to match the client's needs. As relationships and social connection are so important to emotional well eing, she believes that the Circles of Security Parenting Program provides an easy way for parents to understand their children's emotional needs in addition to other important people in their life!

Dannielle has been blessed with two children and still remembers the exact moment when she understood the saying that the gap between our expectations and reality is the root of our suffering.




  (02) 6287 3101

  (02) 6287 3135

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